Springtime Northern California Ride – 2016

Early in the year, Marv and I had discussed a ride to California. We missed making a California ride last year, and we were eager to get down there for some of the nice roads we both enjoy. 

We went through the process of recruiting our riding friends to go, casting a wide net to gather those who were interested and could make it. Dan Hytry committed right away, as he loves to ride in California. We had several riders reply with ‘Maybe,’ or ‘Let me see if I can get the time.’ In the end, six of us made the ride. Dennis Cook, and John Parish would go, and our friend from Los Angeles, Chris Hemer, would join the group in Redding and spend the week riding with us.


One thought on “Springtime Northern California Ride – 2016

  1. You guys are inspirations to an old Harley rider. I live in Downieville and haven’t seen the neighborhood you saw during your short visit! For better road condition reports you might call the county road departments or, if they’re local roads, ask us and we’ll find out for you.

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