Chain Gang

When Marv and I rolled into his driveway Sunday afternoon after returning from the Manzinata ride, there was a whirring and clicking sound coming from the area of his counter sprocket.  We knew his chain was approaching the end of its 30, 000-mile life-expectancy.  He already had a replacement chain and sprockets on hand, so we made plans for a garage-day.


In the garage.

We came up with enough projects to keep us busy. Marv had to replace his chain and sprockets, replace a worn front tire, and replace his right-front brake pads.  I had to replace a worn rear tire,

My old and new tires.

and do a concealed radar detector installation on my ZX-14.

Programming the detector.

After removing the chain and sprockets on Marv’s bike, we found the rear sprocket to have no visible wear,

The old counter sprocket needs to be replaced.

Old and new rear sprockets.

but the counter sprocket showed definite signs of hooking. 

Counter sprockets.

Old and new counter sprockets.

Inspecting the counter sprocket.

Rear sprocket.

Old chain.

Bolting the new rear sprocket to the cush-drive.

It took all of Saturday to complete the work on  Marv’s bike.

Tire balancing.

Front brakes

Reinstalling the front fairing.

Sunday we replaced the rear tire, and installed the concealed radar detector on my ZX-14.  We encased the detector in a sealed, properly-sized, rigid plastic food container, and secured it in place inside the left fairing.

Preparing the detector’s enclosure.

Getting it right.

After completing the work on my bike, we still had time to finally get a proper tire rack built in my garage.

The new tire rack.

I had been storing new and partially-used motorcycle tires, and spare truck tires in the rafters of my garage.  The new readily-accessible tire tire rack has room to store all of them. It was good to get these little projects off my to-do list.

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