Recovering in Munich


Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauß is Munich’s airport, just north of the city, near the suburb of Freising.  I had a reservation at a hotel in the Schloßpark area, which is about halfway between the airport and Munich.  It’s just a bit farther north of the city than the BMW Motorad dealer from which I am renting the F800 ST.

I picked a dandy hotel.

Hotel Entrance

Hotel Lobby

Sunday Morning Breakfast

The Patio

It’s adjacent to an old schloß   I arrived at the hotel around 09:30, a very weary air traveler.  The hotel’s checkout time is 11:00.  Their check-in time is 15:00.  I think the hotel might be family-run, because there were children in the office, and the guy that picked me up at the S-Bahn station had a youngster with him.  The woman at the desk spoke good English.  They were polite and friendly.  Since my room wouldn’t be available for a while, I stored my bag in the office and went to walk the grounds of the schloss.  It was nice to be around greenery and trees.

My room was very clean and comfortable. The bathroom was roomy by European standards.

My Room

My Room

This particular schloss is Shleißheim Palace. It has a very long central canal, with swans and ducks in the canals in the perimeter.  The fountains and flower beds are very nicely maintained.  It’s a very restful place.

Schloßpark 1

Schloßpark 2

Schloßpark 3

Schloßpark 4

Schloßpark 5

Schloßpark 6

Schloßpark 7

Schloßpark 8

Schloßpark 9

On Sunday morning I went through the interior of the palace.  There are some grand marble areas, a few nice chapels, and is in the neoclassical baroque style.  It houses a large collection of baroque paintings.  Click on the link for the Wikipedia page if you’re interested in the palace and its history.

Schloß Interior 1

Schloß Interior 2

Schloß Interior 3

I had a mellow day walking around and through the palace.  I went back to the restaurant near the hotel for a bite before going back to the hotel.  I rested much of the rest of the day, adjusting to the time change.

Schloßpark – Schleißheim, Munich

Around 17:00 there were nice thundershowers and heavy rain. I love thunder and lightning.

I’ve made arrangements for the hotel shuttle to get me to the S-Bahn station in the morning.  I’ll catch the 06:55 S-Bahn to Fieldmoching station, where I’ll change to the U-Bahn for a short ride to Frankfurter Ring station.  It’s less than a block from there to the BMW Motorad shop.  I’ll pick up the rental, and come back to the hotel for breakfast.  I’ll then load my gear and be on my way south,  to Austria, and then Italy.  I am planning about a five hour ride to Merano.

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