California 2012 – Prologue

In September of 2011, I had an appointment at the San Francisco office of the Italian Consulate to get my passport. I decided I would make a nice motorcycle trip of it. After some dialogue on the PNW Sport-Touring site, I decided to connect with Randy in Lebec, California. He would be in Long Beach in the same time-frame for some work-related activities. We decided to hook up for the ride home.

We had each ridden down separately. Randy rode south on his own.  I rode with a friend who was on his way to Arizona. Peter and I split up in Garberville. I went on to get my appointment over with, and then down the coast through Big Sur to meet with Randy in Lebec. We had a great three-day ride home through the California Sierras on fantastic roads. After a day or two of riding, we were both of the opinion that we would have to do another ride in central California, at the time of the year, and do it just for the joy of the ride.

On the 2011 ride, I did a good deal of sport touring in the coastal areas. I took some roads from Marv’s maps, some roads from the Destination Highways Bay Area map, and some recommendations from friends. One thing I confirmed was that I wanted to come back and ride some of them again with friends.

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