Manzanita, October, 2012

Manzanita is a  typical little seaside tourist town on the Oregon coast a bit north of Tillamook Bay.  It’s a favorite of George’s, and a good destination for an overnight motorcycle ride.

The Participants:








I had only been back from our California ride for a little over a week when George posted a proposed ride  to Manzanita. A few of the guys in our group decided to join in, and we set the date for October 20th & 21st.

I went to Marv & Marylou’s place after work on Friday so I could wake up at a decent time to get underway Saturday morning. Marv and I met with Kurt in Kirkland bright and early Saturday morning, and we rode the freeway south to Nisqually to meet with the rest of the fellas at Norma’s.

At Norma’s, we met with Steve, Dean, Randy, Dennis and George.

After Breakfast

After a hearty breakfast, Dean decided his back was bothering him too much, and canceled his participation in the rest of the ride. The rest of us set out upon our winding journey. We had dry weather for most of the trip, although the southbound portion of Highway 53 was pretty wet. By the time we got to the turn-off for Manzanita, the group had separated into two groups. Marv, Dennis and I had been lagging behind a bit, and I led us to Manzanita after taking a wrong turn.

Our group’s protocol is for everyone to ‘ride their own ride,’ and for those in the front to wait at the decision points for the trailing group to arrive. When we didn’t show up at the turn, the guys in the front went all the way back up Highway 53 and back again, wondering if something had gone wrong. When they failed to locate us, they deduced we must have gone directly to the motel.  They soon showed up at the motel. It was all on me. My GPS had recalculated the route into Manzanita, and the GPS told me where to turn, (so I blame it on the GPS). I heard plenty about it before dinner, during dinner, and after dinner.

We got to our respective motels, had a bit of time to rest and clean up, and took a long walk on the beach. It rained pretty hard Saturday night.

Sunday, we retraced most of the route we had taken the previous day. It was a pretty nice little two-day ride. It was a little wetter at  times than most of us like, but it was still nice to be riding with these guys.

Gas Stop

Click the map below to go to the Garmin Player page and my GPS tracks.

Click the picture to go to the Garmin Player page, and my tracks.

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