Another Manzanita

On April 14th and 15th, Marv and I again had an opportunity to make an overnight ride to Manzanita, Oregon. April was turning to a nice green spring and, although the weather was superb, I was glad I brought my heated liner. We had a nice set of roads we hadn’t ridden in a few years.

Another Manzanita Map


Taking a break on Woods Rd.

DSCN2361 DSCN2364 DSCN2363

Nespalem River

Nespalem River

Nespalem River


Manzanita has a very wide sandy beach. We had time after dinner to take a walk out to the tide-line where we saw what appeared at first glance to be thousands of light blue blossoms littering the beach. Closer examination revealed they were Velella velella jellyfish that live at the surface of the ocean. They have a vertical crest that acts as a sail to catch the wind and move them about. Warm water and storms had drawn them close to shore, and the wind blew them onto the beach. Residents said it was the biggest beaching of Velella velella jellyfish in 30 years.


Click on this photo to be taken to an interactive panorama photo page.


We had dinner at the newly-opened Mexican restaurant adjacent to the Spindrift Inn. I shouldn’t order when I’m hungry, because tortilla chips with salsa, a plate of cheese quesadilla, and then a chile relleno served with rice and beans proved to be my undoing! I could have made do with half of what I ate, and I had an upset stomach all night, and most of the next day.

Clear-cut with Ranier

A short roadside break at a clear-cut area on the Mist-Clackstanie highway; Mount Rainier in the distance.

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier

Marv at Break Westside Highway

Marv at Break Westside Highway

Everything went smoothly on the ride until the final few miles. We were planning on taking Hwy 18 from I-5 and, a few miles before reaching the Hwy 18 exit, I had moved from the left-hand lane in anticipation of the Hwy 18 exit. When Marv began to move over too, he discovered the lanes had split, with a gore separating the lanes, so he cut across the gore to stay with me. A Federal Way LEO driving an SUV saw Marv’s transgression and pulled him over. Not wanting to complicate the situation, I continued until it was convenient to pull onto the shoulder to wait for Marv. Turns out, the officer who pulled Marv over was a motorcycle officer. Marv pulled off his helmet and talked nicely to the officer who eventually said, “Don’t do it again”, and turned him loose. All’s well than ends well!

Garmin Connect Map

Click on the photo of the map above, and it will open the Garmin Connect Player page. It’s an interactive map of the route.


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