Mid-Winter Manzanita 2015

It was mid-January, very nearly the middle of winter, and we were experiencing relatively-mild weather. Marv and I took advantage of the opportunity for a mid-week two-day ride to the little seaside town of Manzanita on the northern Oregon coast.

Map Manzanita January

We didn’t ride any new roads, but followed well-worn routes. Still, it had been quite a while since we had been on an extended ride, and we got to stretch our motorcycles’ legs. I usually ride my ZX-14 for sport-touring, but I took the BMW this time. It’s a better bike if weather is a factor, and the luggage provisions are more efficient. Although it’s a bit bigger and heavier than the ZX-14, when I get it out on the twisty roads, I’m reminded how sporty it is, as it handles the corners very nicely.


It was a foggy morning, but there was no rain.

The trip was uneventful, although we did encounter a detour at the town of Raymond, WA. There had been heavy rains a few days previous that caused a small landslide at the western edge of town, closing US101. The detour carried us over a reasonably-well-constructed gravel-and-rocks logging road up and over the hill to reconnect with the highway.


The slide had most of Highway 101 blocked where a crew removing the debris. We asked them about how long the road would be blocked, and they told us they couldn’t say, because more debris continued to tumble down the bluff  as they cleared it away at the bottom.


We took a roadside break after we finished the stretch of gravel on our detour


Once back on the highway, we had spent so much time waiting and hoping in vain to be allowed past the small landside, and then taking the arduous detour, it was getting late. We wanted to get to the motel before we ran out of daylight so, after crossing the Columbia River at Astoria, we took a more direct route to Manzanita than we had planned.

Near Manzanita

Just north of Manzanita, I took a panorama photo from the bluff above the beach. Click on the photo to go to an interactive page of the panorama photo.

We had dinner at the San Dune Pub across from the Spindrift Inn, which is always doing good business for such a small town. If you want fried seafood, it’s the place to go. They have large portions of fried local catch, as well as a wide selection of burgers, etc.

The next morning, we followed the best, and most-common route home. I wanted to get home before dark and, since I had an hour more riding to do than Marv, we took an early on-ramp for the freeway. It was a nice surprise to be able to make this trip in the middle of January.

Garmin Connect

Click on the photo of the map above, and it will open the Garmin Connect Player page. It’s an interactive map of the route.


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