Pacific City, The Trifecta

My Third Trip To Pacific City

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Marv, Chris, and I were determined to get together for a multi-day motorcycle ride in August before Chris returned to work with the new school year. Watching the weather forecast, and taking into account the forest fires burning across the Northwest, we decided to make it another trip to Pacific City. That made it easy for me, since I already had a good route and motel planned for us. We could take the same route for the first two days we planned when we rode with Keith. Large sections of it had been left out on the previous ride because we ran short of time; we would make a go at covering the whole route this time.

Marv and I met Chris at the Federal Way truck scales, and then proceeded on the freeway to our breakfast stop in Nisqually where we would abandon the interstate for the rest of the trip. We had a pleasant breakfast and caught up on what we had been up to during the summer.


We followed our chosen roads in a generally southerly direction through forests and farmland to Longview, Washington where we crossed the Columbia River, and then took Apiary Road to skirt the western fringes of the Portland metropolitan area.



Our National Forest

We took a nice long break in Carlton before making our way to the best roads we had on the agenda for the day. We would make the turn west through the coastal mountains, go over Bald Mountain, and then follow the beautiful Little Nestucca River to Pacific City.

Shortly after leaving Carlton, a sheriff’s unit and another emergency vehicle overtook us with their lights flashing. We caught up with them at a cliff-side curve where they were attending to a rider who had gone wide in a corner on a cruiser-style motorcycle and ended up in the ditch.

I walked up the road and asked the sheriff if we could get by, and he told us to go by slowly. There was a very narrow margin for us.  My bike was the widest of the group, but we all managed to squeeze through.

We finished the route to Pacific City, cleaned up, and went to dinner at the Sportsman Tavern.

The next day we rode South on Hwy 101 to the turn-off for Smith River Rd. We took some alternatives to Hwy 101 for a large portion of the morning.

In Lincoln City In Lincoln City 2




DSCN3435 DSCN3437

We continued over to the Territorial Highway, and tried to reach Dallas on one tank of gas. Less than a mile from Dallas, we discovered that Chris gets about 160 miles on a tank of gas. He anticipated he could get 175 miles, but it would seem that’s dependent on how aggressive he is on the throttle.

After unsuccessfully trying to siphon gas from Marv’s tank, he deployed his ‘GAS?’ placard.  Shortly, a fellow in a van stopped.  He had a gas can with fuel, and gave Chris enough to carry him to Dallas.

We got back to Pacific City around 6:30, being very conscious of the possibility of deer in the roads for the last 20 miles.

Thursday morning we got started with a good breakfast at the Grateful Bread restaurant, and then took our usual route along Miami River Rd, and over the Mist-Clatskanie highway. After crossing over to Washington, we took a backroads route north on the west side of the interstate, and used some good backroads to find our way up the Kitsap Peninsula.

We split with Chris in Belfair where he made his way to the Southworth/Fauntleroy ferry, while Marv and I made our way north to the Edmonds Ferry. I made it home about 6 pm. It was a good ride, and great to ride with Chris again.