Republic Reloaded

A week after a ride to Manzanita, Marv and I made a trip over the North Cascades Highway to the small town of Republic in NE Washington. Marv came up to my place Monday so we could get an early-morning start over the mountains.

Republic Reloaded Map

A photo of a map of our route.

As we were making ready to roll out of the garage, we decided we would stop for breakfast at Clark’s Cabins in Marblemount but, as we rolled into their parking area, we found they were closed, so we continued to Twisp on the other side of the mountains.


Taking a short break near Rainy Pass


As a result of the mild winter, much of the snow over Rainy Pass and Washington Pass had melted, so there were not the high snowbanks we had anticipated. The peaks surrounding the passes still had snow on them, but they were sporting more bare rock than we’d expect to see in April.

When we arrived in Twisp, we took a break to get lunch and gas. Pulling into town, I spotted an organic grocery store and deli across the street from Logan’s Steakhouse where we had planned to have breakfast. I went into the store to see how it looked, and was mightily impressed with what they offered. I went into Logan’s across the street to tell Marv I would grab something in that deli, rather than the typical fare at a small town cafe.


Marv ate lunch at Logan’s café.


I ate lunch across the street, at the Glover Street Market

I had a very nice bowl of tomato soup with toast, followed by a richly green and nutritious asian noodle salad.

WP_20150421_003 WP_20150421_004

Marv and I met back at the bikes where we compared what each of us had for lunch. Marv said he was much happier with his fish and chips with coleslaw, than he would have been with the organic vegetarian fare I fancy. Saddling up, we headed over Loup Loup Pass and north in the Okanagon Valley towards Omak and Tonasket, and then on secondary roads, winding our way to Republic. We usually take the main highway through this area, but I did a little more detail work in planning the route this time, and found some nice back roads as an alternative to Highway 97 with its trucks and patrols.

After settling in at the Northern Inn in Republic, we went to Esther’s for dinner. It was Mexican food again but, unlike on our recent trip to Manzanita, I ate less this time, and felt fine afterwards. I suspect that having had such a nutritious meal at lunch, kept me from ordering everything on the menu, and that made all the difference.


We took a break shortly after we got on Havillah Rd.


An old abandoned farm house.


DSCN2479 DSCN2480


Taking a break on Highway 20, about 15 miles west of Republic

DSCN2487 DSCN2492

I took some video on this trip, and have decided for certain, where previously I’d had some doubt, that one of my video cameras is malfunctioning, because I am frequently unable to get useable video from it. Nevertheless, combined with footage from the other camera, I think I got enough usable video for an accurate look at what the ride was like.

Beaver Lake Chesaw

Beaver Lake, Chesaw Rd. – Click on the photo to open an interactive version of the panorama.

From Havilah Road

Looking west to the cascades from Havillah Rd.


Taking a break before riding over the Highway 20 passes

Returning home, we reversed the route of the previous day. I certainly like having my work schedule out of phase with the normal 5-day work week, as we had a great time enjoying the uncluttered roads in both directions on this trip.

DSCN2515 DSCN2516

Garmin Player Republic

Click on the photo of the map to open the Garmin Player page. It’s an interactive page where the route can be played back over a map.



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