Day 4 – Tuesday – Downieville, California to Downieville, California

Tuesday would start and finish in Downieville.  After a provided continental breakfast at the Inn, we would ride a wonderful stretch of Highway 49 from Downieville to Nevada City. It’s a great road that twists in tandem with the Yuba River – one of those ‘Good-Along-River’ roads on Marv’s annotated map. 

We stopped for lunch at the Broad Street Café in Nevada City, a place we’d visited on a previous ride. It’s my sort of place with organic sandwiches, good coffee, and outdoor seating. I like Nevada City, and I really like that café. We took a leisurely break before moving out on our route for the day.

The first part of the day, actually the better part of the day, would be following Mosquito Ridge Road in and then back out of the Sierras. We had been all the way through on a prior ride but, although it’s paved, the road gets pretty rough.

We came back from Mosquito Ridge the same way we went in, and then took Highway 193 out to Georgetown and continued south to Placerville. We stopped there for gas and realized it was already about three pm. We didn’t want to be on twisting mountain roads after dark , so we decided to cut the route off there and turn back toward Downieville. Taking back roads most of the way, I got us lost three or four times because I was routing on-the-fly, but we got back to Nevada City in time to have dinner at Matteo’s Public. It’s a trendy little brew-pub on a side street in Old Town.


We took our time with dinner, and ended up riding Highway 49 back to Downieville at dusk. When I noticed I was able to see my headlight illuminating the road, I slowed and kept my eyes peeled for road obstructions and wildlife. We made it back to our motel safely, and turned-in.

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