WyIdaMo Day 6

Friday’s ride would take us from Butte, Montana to Stanley, Idaho. The route had some very good scenery in the plan. We had a couple of instances of very light drizzle, but it was a very nice – if a bit cool – morning. We got an early start from the hotel, and rode on the freeway for an hour, using I-90 and then I-15 to get to the Wise River exit. We rode over the Pioneer Scenic Bi-way through the Beaverhead Wilderness.

It was cloudy with a few breaks of blue sky, but we didn’t get a real rain. At one point I had to pull off the road and put on my heated gear and, after getting going again, I turned it up a bit. The road winds its way through some beautiful alpine meadows. We had the road to ourselves, with just a few deer and cows. We exited the scenic byway at a point we had crossed a few days previously when on our way to Dillon. The intersection was a construction stop, and we had to wait about twenty minutes for the pilot car to lead us through. Marv and I spent the time discussing things to do later, while Kurt stayed in his helmet, and fiddled with his gear. 

The pilot car escorted us through the construction zone, and we made our way to Wisdom, Montana for a coffee break. Kurt found us a store with good cappuccino. 

We saddled-up and set out to the west, crossing through the Big Hole region once again, and to the Idaho State Line at Chief Joseph Pass.

We spent the next several hours tracing the Salmon River south on Highway U.S. 93. We stopped at the Junkyard Bistro, a great little restaurant in the town of Salmon where I had a nutritious vegetable sandwich, which was delicious.

We continued twisting our way south to Challis where we turned west on Highway ID-75 and followed it to picturesque Stanley, Idaho, in the shadow of the Sawtooth Mountains. 

We had a nice little two-story cabin rented for the night in Stanley.

Since we had a kitchen we walked next door to the store operated by the motel and bought things to prepare dinner for ourselves. Kurt bought ingredients to make garlic bread, and a dessert. I bought a jar of Costco basil pesto, and a bag of penne pasta. Together we created for ourselves a nice little feast. After dinner Kurt showed me how to get involved with a scrabble game app on my phone, and we all spent the rest of the evening playing scrabble.

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