WyIdaMo Day 7

Kurt and I got up early in the morning to catch the light on the side of the mountains. I think I got a descent photo but, as everyone knows, this is the kind of scene that needs to be experienced in person.

We had some coffee, and then began our day’s journey to Baker City, Oregon. The day would take us west on ID-21, and then west again on the Banks-Lowman Road.

Idaho’s mountains tend to run in sharp ridges, mostly north-to-south so, to move east or west, you usually need to take a tacking path, cutting north or south to find ways around the ends of long-running mountain ridges. We had to go north to McCall, and then south on Highway U.S. 95. We were able to turn west again on ID-71. We followed it along the east side of Hells Canyon, and then crossed the Snake River at the Oxbow Dam into Oregon. We took another break in the town of Halfway, and then moved on to Baker City where we checked in at our hotel, and then took a short ride to a local pizza shop. It was our last night on the road, and I overate. 

After dinner we discussed how we would proceed home. We knew we’d take the interstate out of Baker City. Marv and Kurt were concerned about road construction on I-90 through the Cascade Range. I was in contact with my nephew who lives in Hermiston, and I very much wanted to make a stop and see him while I was in the area. I made plans to leave the motel at 5 a.m. to ride to Hermiston and have breakfast with him. Kurt and Marv would leave an hour or two later and make their way to Yakima on the interstate. They’d then turn west to cross the cascades over Chinook Pass and Cayuse Pass on Highway SR-410 near Mount Rainier.

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