WyIdaMo Day 8

I had a very enjoyable visit with my nephew, but couldn’t stay very long, as I had another 350 miles to ride after the 150 miles I had already put in before breakfast.

I live well north of the Seattle metro area. My plan to avoid the congestion of the cities in the Puget Sound region was to ride all the way north on the east side of the mountains, and then cross the Cascades on SR-20 over Washington Pass. I had a pleasant, but lonely day. I was missing my friends badly after having spent the previous seven days with them. Kurt and I were keeping track of each other’s progress through short text messages. I rode the last two hundred miles without a break; just one short stop for gas. I did take the time to ride all the little back roads that I know to avoid the main highways. As I was finishing up my ride along the South Skagit Highway, I received a text message from Kurt that he was home. I stopped long enough to respond with a text message of my location, about 15 minutes from home. I was in the garage about 4:15, which was over 11 hours from when I had left Baker City. This had been an excellent ride.

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