The Ride

It all started with these three email messages:

Kurt – “I am attempting to get a hall pass for Sun June 24, back Sun July 1 for a motorcycle trip.  If either or both of you can join me, that would be great.  I have to wait until school is out, and then the first 2 weeks of July are booked with other stuff, and I prefer not to ride late July/Aug because of the heat.

Subject to discussion, I would head back out to Custer State Park, or maybe Jasper and Banff.

I’ll let you know if I get the hall pass, and then you can start thinking if that could work for you.”

Marv – “I happen to be free for that time period, so I’m in.”

Me – “In too.”

From this, events were set in motion that would take the three of us on some of the best motorcycling roads in the country. Starting from home in Washington, we would sport-tour our way through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and a corner of Oregon before returning home.

Emails for the plans travelled to-and-fro until we settled on a route, a motel for each night, and had our reservations booked.

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