The next leg of the trip was a four-day visit to Lecce and the Salento Peninsula. Lecce is perhaps the most tourist-frequented town in Puglia. It has a dozen or so churches with beautiful baroque facades. Most of the heart of old-town Lecce is cast in this architectural style. It’s a beautiful town in the light of day, but it’s at night when its ethereal beauty emerges. Bari to Lecce Lecce 1_stitch Anfiteatro Romano Lecce WP_20160404_18_31_00_Rich_stitch _DSC9353_stitch (2) _DSC9364_stitch WP_20160404_21_14_45_Rich_LI (2) WP_20160403_17_44_49_Pro_LI (2) WP_20160403_12_06_05_Rich_LI (2) _DSC8815_stitch _DSC8811 _DSC8800 _DSC8759 Piazza Duomo Lecce 4 Getting Home _DSC8855_stitch_1 _DSC8842 _DSC8833_stitch WP_20160404_20_59_25_Rich_LI__highres.noflash _DSC9378 _DSC9373 _DSC9372 _DSC9327_stitch Piazza Duomo Lecce _DSC9307_stitch Piazza Duomo Lecce 2 Piazza Duomo Lecce 1 _DSC9280_stitch _DSC9271_stitch _DSC9306 _DSC9309 WP_20160404_20_57_23_Rich_LI Tower

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