The second trip from Bari was to the ancient town of Matera just across the border into the region of Basilicata. Matera is claimed to be the second-oldest continuously-inhabited place on earth. It is layer upon layer of dwellings, all the way back to the prehistoric cave dwellings of hunter-gatherers still visible in the cliffs. As I walked through the streets, the age of the place was more than I could really get my mind around. People have lived continuously on this ground for as long as there is history, and eons before.

Bari to Matera WP_20160401_11_52_52_Rich_LI__highres.noflash WP_20160401_11_51_06_Rich_LI__highres.noflash Cathedral Matera _DSC8308 _DSC8306 _DSC8304 _DSC8299_stitch WP_20160401_12_32_19_Rich_LI__highres.noflash _DSC8319_stitch _DSC8316 _DSC8318

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