Pescara through Abruzzo to Fiumicino

On the move again from Vieste to Pescara, I caught the bus back to Foggia’s terminal, and then a train to Pescara, arriving there in the late afternoon. After checking in at my hotel near the train station, I walked down to the resort areas along the beach. There’s a very long beach in Pescara, but I was well ahead of the Italian vacation season. People here were still wearing heavy coats, while I was comfortable in short-sleeved shirts. I had dinner at a nice restaurant, and then returned to my hotel.Vieste to Pescara

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The plan for my final day in Italy was to take the train through the scenic Apennine Mountains in the Abruzzo region from Pescara to Fiumicino (Rome).  The train ride was scenic, and took me through the heart of the mountains. It was picturesque, but it was difficult to get any useable photos through the train window. Along the way, I was eyeing many towns that warranted further exploration; perhaps the seeds were planted for another trip.

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Fiumicino, where the airport is located, is a suburb of Rome with many very good seafood restaurants. The next morning, I flew back to Vancouver, BC, and then drove home.

Pescara to Fiumicino (Rome)

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5 thoughts on “Pescara through Abruzzo to Fiumicino

  1. What an excellent vacation. Fabulous cities. Great photos.
    Polignano a Mare looks to be my favorite.

    How do these words relate (Corte) Triggiano Triggiani ?
    singular and plural? male female?

    • Triggiano is a small town south of Bari, To the best of my limited understanding – Triggiani would be the name of a person from Triggiano. Probably more precisely, a peasant – not having a surname.

      • They hurt you at home and they hit you at school
        They hate you if you’re clever and they despise a fool.

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