Parco degli Aquedotti

The weather is warming, and it’s over 70 now. My Thursday was a little more adventurous. I decided to see the remains of the ancient aqueducts in the Parco degli Aquedotti in the suburbs to the southeast of the city. I took the subway A line nearly to the end of the line at the Subaugusta station. From there, it was a ten-minute walk to the park. There are seven aqueducts through this protected park area, some of them underground, which were used to supply water from the mountains in the east, to ancient Rome’s huge population. I walked for a couple hours along the aqueducts and under the canopy of pines in the fresh air. The park is very popular with joggers and bicyclists.

On my return, I stayed on the subway past the station for the hotel, and visited the Centro Storico (historical center) of Rome where I visited the Pantheon and the Trevi fountain.

Both areas were swarmed with tourists, which I expected, but I didn’t feel my visit in Rome would be complete without rubbing elbows with the crowds for a while. It was quite a contrast to the serenity of the aqueduct park. I took my time walking back to the hotel through Piazza Barberini, and up to Piazza Republica. I got back around 4 pm. and decided that a nap would be the most civilized thing to do. I woke around 7 pm in time to go for a nice pizza at a neighborhood restaurant. I went down to the Termini and bought my train ticket to Arezzo, returned to the hotel, did my laundry, and read my guidebook for the next phase of my visit.

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