I spent Saturday walking the streets of the medieval old town section of Viterbo, letting my camera shutter fly at-will. The old section of Viterbo is still very much a working, normal town, with a minimum amount of tourism. They have a few grand cathedrals. There was a period when the pope lived in Viterbo, and there is the museum that was his palace there as well.

I found the food in Viterbo, as I had found the food almost everywhere I ate, to be very good, and especially a very good value. I was spending so much time walking around old towns, up and down hills, and generally being on my feet so much, that I felt no guilt about indulging in things like pasta, pizza, and gelato. My pants were fitting looser every day, so ‘chow-on.’
Sunday morning, I took a cab from the hotel in Viterbo, to the train station. I would be catching a cheap, but slow train to Roma Termini. I would have to change trains in Roma Ostiense, and the trip would take about two hours. The train makes a lot of local stops. It’s a clean, and comfortable ride though, and it’s nice to sit and watch the countryside go by.
My hotel in Rome, and for the remainder of my trip was the same one I arrived to two weeks ago, Domus Australia.
On my return to Rome I wanted to visit my favorite vegetarian restaurant, Arruncia, Blu’, in the Flaminio neighborhood. It’s just a few blocks outside what was once the main city gate at Piazza del Popolo.

I have been to this restaurant almost every time I visit Rome, and they do an excellent job of creating unique, tasty dishes. The desert I had there, prepared with figs, was one of the most adventurous deserts I have ever had. It was also delicious, and memorable.
Monday morning, and only two days left to spend in the Eternal City. I decided on visiting the Catacombs of St. Calixtus, and an old section of the via Apia Antica. I didn’t visit the underground catacombs, but I did enjoy walking through the park.
I kept it very simple on my last day in Rome. I visited the Palazzo Barberini, which is a renaissance period Palace which was owned by a leading family of Rome. The palace is now an art museum, with painings of that period, as well as the frescoes painted on the ceilings of the palace itself.
Wednesday morning I had an spirited cab ride to the airport, and a brisk trip through thesecurity and passport control gauntlet to board my plane for Montreal.

My Air Canada flight to Montreal served a much better vegetarian meal than the opposite flight two weeks ago had. As a bonus, I had an empty seat next to me, so I was able to spread out, go through my photos, and type the three or four previous paragraphs.

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