New Parts 06/20/2012

On Wednesday, June 20th, the new parts arrived.

This is the new headlight assembly.

This is the (like new) headlight assembly. The lenses are perfect.

This is the new right rear turn signal.

The (like) new right rear turn signal. The lens is crystal clear.

This is the new seat. 

This is the new seat, waiting for the old worn Air Hawk.

These are two of the three brackets we will replace.

A replacement bracket for the front, and one for the rear.

These forks haven’t seen their first bugs, nor their first grit-filled rain squall at 80 miles per hour on the freeway. The oddest thing we’ve found is that on a right-hand low-side, it ended up that the left fork got dented.

This is a 0-mile front fork. It is absolutely pristine.

A second look.

We’re still waiting for the right mirror, the front meter bracket, and a replacement canister.

Here’s a short narrated video of the parts, and the bike.


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