The Continuing Saga

Marv arrived early Saturday morning full of enthusiasm. Me? Well I was only up for 20 minutes and still needed an infusion of caffeine to get all of my motors spinning at full speed.

This was going to be a big day. Whereas the previous installments of the repair station efforts had been restoration of existing, installed-but-damaged parts, this was to be the first day of installation of new, replacement parts.

Forks first.

We decided to attack the fork job first. It went surprisingly smoothly. You loosen the clamps, you slide the old fork out,  and you slide the new fork in. You finish up by tightening the clamps, and voilà! You’re done.

An installed, new left fork.

An installed, new right fork.

We replaced the meter bracket and the crossover brace that holds the mirror stays. That stabilized everything on the front end, and made everything secure. The bike is now,although only “technically,” rideable. Here is a video and some photos summarizing what we’ve done.

The newly installed headlight. The nose cowl is needed for support, so we have it secured with twine.

Marv looking at the brackets.

When we were re-assmbling the ram air intake, we decided to have a look at the air filter. It had a little dirt in it.

Marv displaying his used air filter

We replaced his Screamer mute switch, although I don’t think that it was damaged in the wreck. We did some more work on the rear fender and tail light area.

Marv working on the tail light.


We made it two easy days of work this weekend. The bike is very close to ready. I don’t think Marv can say yet when he’ll be ready for the bike. We’re ready for the set of cowls to arrive.

4 thoughts on “The Continuing Saga

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  2. Man, you guys work fast! Should be done with the total restore in another 30 seconds or so. 🙂

    • I ordered a complete fairing kit on eBay from AuctMarts in Hong Kong. According to the ad, it should arrive sometime between 7/17 and 7/24, (although I’ve received no confirmation of that). They’re not OEM, so I hope they fit well.

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